Saturday 10 June

Chess for Climate

Come and pit your wits against Leslie Tate, ex British Under 21s Champion, in a simultaneous chess event in Tring to celebrate Great Big Green Week. Leslie will play several boards at once and is happy to face pairs (who help each other), players at any level, beginners, experts and players of all ages.

This will be a relaxed, fun, encouraging, non-competitive event where Leslie will talk with people afterwards about how the game went. At the board, Leslie will offer cards with chess advice one side and climate-busting suggestions on the other. Anyone interested can also view a post-game video, expanding on what the cards say.

Leslie says: ‘Chess is a prediction game, seeing ahead to what might happen. That’s the link to climate, where I want people to use their chess brains to predict and head off the problem. Chess is also a mind sport and wonderful exercise for the brain. Come along and enjoy the workout!’






Event Overview

Saturday 10 June

11:00 am - 3:00 pm

Tring Town Council, 61 High Street, Tring, UK

Event type

  • Family friendly
  • Free event
  • Toilets on site

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Tring has a fantastic range of events and actions throughout the town and surrounding area. The week includes walks and talks, ec0-chess and film showings, Loving Earth Project textile workshop and so much more! Come along to an event or stroll around the town and take part in the Eco Trail.

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