Save the Children's Children and Young People Climate Fund

Save the Children is a member of The Climate Coalition. This page hosts all the information about this funding opportunity, please contact if you have any questions.

Save the Children’s Children and Young People Climate Fund supports community groups to organise child and youth-focused local events, activities and festivals during the Great Big Green Week 2023 that work with, and engage, young people and children.

Activity we want to support

Your activity must raise awareness of the impacts of the climate crisis, and its effects on children and young people.  Youth engagement must be at the heart of your activity.

We are particularly interested in applications from, or in partnership with, children (under 18) and young people. If not expressly led by young people, they must be empowered participants rather than passive attendees. The activity should listen to and amplify the views of children and young people and / or empower and support them to share their views and raise their voice.

We are particularly interested in activities that support local groups to create new connections that support people, organisations and/or MPs to take climate action locally.  Ideally these activities would take place in the week leading up to, during and/or the week after Great Big Green Week (10th to 18th June).

We encourage applications that engage a diverse range of young people and families, including those from underserved communities. We are especially interested in hearing from groups that work with or support children and young people who:

  • Are from families on low incomes
  • Have migrated to the UK
  • Are from racialised communities
  • Have experience of the care system
  • Are LGBT+ or from an LGBT+ family
  • Are disabled or live with someone who is disabled


All children, adults, families, and communities who come into contact with Save the Children or our partners (in person or online) should have a safe, inclusive and collaborative experience, free from all forms of abuse, harm and harassment.

Please make yourself aware of our safeguarding policies and our reporting mechanism before applying. You will be asked to share your own organisation’s safeguarding policies and procedures, as well as how they will apply to the proposed activities.

Resources available

Grants of £300 – £800 will be considered.

You can also apply for additional supporting expertise from Save the Children staff. For example, two hours with a campaigner, media training, etc. We cannot promise to meet the request for expert support but will make every effort.

We can fund We cannot fund
Equipment Staff costs
One-off events (e.g. venue hire, refreshments for attendees, attendance/license fees) Alcohol
Transport Contingency costs, loans, endowments or interest
Utilities Profit-making or fundraising activities
Volunteer expenses VAT you can reclaim
Publicity e.g. flyers, social media advertising Overseas travel
Projects that take place outside of the UK
  Small land or refurbishment projects
Training costs
Your organisation’s running costs


Eligible applicants

You can apply if you are a … We cannot accept applications from …
Voluntary and community organisation (including unregistered charities) Individuals
Registered charity (including charitable associations, trusts, companies and CIOs Sole traders
Not-for-profit company/ Social Enterprise/ Community Interest Company (CIC) Organisations based outside the UK
School (as long as your project benefits and involves the communities around the school) For profit companies (i.e. companies that have no restrictions on payments to shareholders etc.)
Statutory body (including local authorities, town, parish and community council)  
Community benefit society  


How to apply

Save the Children is committed to holding ourselves accountable to children and young people. Our Youth Advisory Board will make the final fund decision.

We know that applying for a grant takes a lot of time and effort, so want to make it as easy as possible for you to apply and ensure it is a worthwhile experience even if the application wasn’t successful.

Whilst our decisions will be final, we will follow up with shortlisted applicants to share why they were / weren’t successful and what would make their proposal even stronger in the future.

We welcome applications in writing or via video.

Applying in writing

Submit your written application here

Applying via video

If you would like to apply via video, please film yourself answering the questions in the application form and email your video to

If this format doesn’t work for you, or you’re looking for additional support with your application, please contact us and we can find an appropriate way to support you.

Deadline for applications: 13th April 2023

Successful candidates will be informed by: 3rd May 2023

Any questions?

Contact us at: