Email Your MP

We know that concern about climate change is higher than ever before, and we need decision makers to act to protect what we love from the climate crisis.

Our politicians are there to represent us in Parliament, so it’s important that they hear from their constituents – people like you – to make sure they know we need them to protect the people and places we love from climate change. Contacting your MP is one of the most important things you can do to support ambitious climate action between now and the UN climate summit in November.

Send a tweet to your MP today telling them you want to see climate action

How do I tweet my MP?

The link below will take you to postcode search for your MP’s username and let you send the tweet directly to your MP.

It will also attach a graphic with what The Climate Coalition is calling for:

The Time is Now for the UK to lead by example on: 

  • Climate: Stop new fossil fuel projects abroad and at home – including current proposed projects in the Cambo Oil field, the Cumbrian Coal mine and the Horse Hill oil development – and make all UK finance decisions support your climate commitments
  • Nature: Urgently rescue carbon stores like ancient peat and woodland and set strict targets in law to begin to reverse nature loss by 2030.
  • People: Replace  COVID job losses by investing to create 1.8 million green jobs in renewable energy, green homes, clean transport and nature protection in the next 3 years.

Send a tweet to your MP today

What if I want to copy and paste the message myself?

If you know your MP’s username already you can copy and paste this tweet:

Hello @YourMP, I want to see urgent action to tackle climate change and protect what I love from its worst impacts. Will you champion these climate actions in Parliament? This is #TheFightThatUnites.

Don’t forget the link – that makes sure your tweet includes the image below!

I don’t have Twitter – can I still take part?

If you don’t have Twitter then you can still contact your MP! You can post our suggested message on their Facebook page as a comment. Don’t forget to download the image below.

Alternatively, you can email your MP using our prewritten email.