The Together Fund

Calling all inspiring young people working to tackle climate change

We’ve teamed up with Virgin Media O2’s Together Fund to offer up to £5,000 to develop and amplify your work. 

Our youth fund aims to support young people to take action on climate change, in particular: 

Helping to get projects off the ground, and engaging local communities in these projects

Raising the profile of youth-led projects and connecting them to the broader movement through the Great Big Green Week. 

Applications are now closed.


What the application must include: 

  1. Project must be led by a young person or youth group, or focused on engaging youth – with involvement of young people in the development and delivery
  2. The project will be delivered between August and November, and has the necessary permissions – or they can be secured in the timeframe. 
  3. The project is (or is linked to) a registered organisation that can receive the funding. This could be a youth group, school, place of worship or other established community group that knows you. If you have any questions about how that works, please ask 

What we’d like to see: 

  • Applications by or including non traditional climate groups  
  • Applications by people from disadvantaged communities
  • Applications including creative, media friendly ideas 
  • Applications with clear plans to continue the project after November  

How much can I apply for?
We’re inviting applications for between £500 and £5,000. 

When’s the deadline?
Applications will close on 31st July, we’ll get in touch with all applicants in early August to let you know if you’ve been awarded a grant or not. 

How do I apply?
Please apply using the form below. Please note, if you are under 18, you will need a parent or guardian to support your application. This person will need to be present in all meetings with The Climate Coalition and its members, and will be copied into all correspondence.


The fund is mostly aimed at projects led by young people (aged 16-25), but we will consider applications for adult-led projects that engage young people in climate change, particularly those that involve young people in the development of the project.

Applicants aged under 18 will need the consent of parents/guardians, who will need to be present in any meetings with TCC or partner organisations.

The grant must be used between August and COP26 in November 2021, with the Great Big Green Week from 18-26th September as a key milestone for hosting activities as part of the project or showcasing your work at a local and national level. 


Making your area greener: You might be in a guide or scout group organising community litter picks to improve green spaces, a student spearheading tree planting in your school or a youth group wanting to transform a neglected area into a wildlife haven. 

Campaigning for a greener world: a group of young people encouraging more sustainable behaviour in their community, or school students wanting to encourage their local politicians to take action, or young art students planning to take a message from their school to the COP26 climate summit in Glasgow. 

Starting up: You might be a young entrepreneur wanting to bring the next big green to the world, or a place of worship that wants to support their green youth group to get off the ground.