What Is The Great Big Green Week?

The Great Big Green Week is the UK’s biggest ever celebration of community action to tackle climate change and protect nature. 

Between 24 September and 2 October this year, Great Big Green Week will unleash a wave of support for action to protect the planet. Tens of thousands of people in every corner of the country will celebrate the heartfelt, brave, everyday actions being taken to stand up for nature and fight climate change.

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What Happened Last Year?

The first Great Big Green Week took place between 18 – 26 September 2021, and was the largest event for climate and nature ever seen in the UK. Over 5000 events celebrated how communities are taking action to tackle climate change and protect green spaces, and encouraged others to get involved too.

In Scotland, the Climate Fringe Week, took place hosted by our sister organisation Stop Climate Chaos Scotland. Together we called on politicians to raise their ambition and champion action on climate change.

National organisations, institutions, businesses and media outlets joined in, getting more people involved up and down the country, and putting pressure on the UK Government to up its game on climate change.

What Sort Of Events Take Place?

Great Big Green Week 2021 saw bat walks and bake offs, festivals and football matches, murals and MPs in EVs, seaweed foraging and school assemblies. and everything in between. These events were hosted by teachers, bus drivers, sport clubs, artists, community groups, places of worship, builders – anyone who cares about climate change.

More than 200 Local Green Weeks – Great Big Green Week community hubs – celebrated local activity, raised the profile of climate change and showed why it is relevant to the community and local decision makers

Why now?

We are seeing the impacts of extreme weather events caused by climate change on the people and places we love both here in the UK and abroad. The time is now to do everything we can to protect them. Climate change is the fight of our lifetime.

Last year, the UK hosted a major UN climate summit, known as COP26, in Glasgow this November. We came out of this summit with a big to-do list, and we need to show our Government that the public wants to see them deliver on their promises to protect the planet for now and future generations.

What can I do?

Host events and activities in your local area from 24th September to 2nd October and make this the greatest, biggest, greenest week of the year.

Your event or Local Green Week, will celebrate how your community is taking action to tackle climate change and protect green spaces, and encourage others to get involved too.

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