Engaging your local politicians

Learn more about how to engage your local politicians as part of the Great Big Green Week this June!

Our politicians are there to represent us, so it’s important that they hear from their constituents – people like you – about why you’re taking part in this nationwide celebration of action to tackle climate change and protect nature.

What are we calling for?

Science tells us that this is a make-or-break decade for tackling climate change. Time is short, and warm words by politicians and businesses won’t cut it. Instead, this must be a decade of action by our government to deliver what is needed. 

As part of this year’s Great Big Green Week, we’re calling on the government to:

Help keep people warm each winter by rapidly expanding home upgrades, quickly moving away from fossil fuels towards cheaper and cleaner renewables, and providing financial support to households in need.

Support the people hit hardest by floods, droughts and other climate disasters around the world by ensuring the necessary financial support is delivered.

Protect and restore our natural world to help Save Our Wild Isles for the benefit of everyone.

Support local initiatives to help communities reduce emissions, protect and restore nature, and support local people in the transition away from fossil fuels.

On this page, you can find more information on the actions we’re asking MPs to take, support on engaging with your politicians during Great Big Green Week and how you can invite your MP to your events and activities.

Invite your MP

If you’re hosting an event or local Green Week in your community, make sure to invite your MP!

Your events are a perfect opportunity to talk to decision makers about what communities are doing to tackle climate change and protect nature, why you care about these issues, and ask them to do their bit.

Email your MP using the customisable template below.

Invite your MP

What can your council do?

Local authorities and local councillors can be important conduits for raising awareness of climate issues locally.

This resource, created by Hope for the Future, will provide information on why it’s important to engage with your local councils and authorities on climate change, and how you can do it effectively during Great Big Green Week.

Access the guide

The power of engaging your local politicians

Unlock the power of working with your local politicians during Great Big Green Week. Created by Hope For The Future, this guide will help you to engage with your local politicians and provides inspiration from successful climate and nature events held by groups across the UK.

Access the guide

What can your MP do?

 There are a range of things that your MP can do to keep people safe, the climate stable, and nature protected. This Great Big Green Week, you can ask your MP to take action on climate, people and nature by a number of actions. 

In this resource, you will find a breakdown of these asks and some more information on them, so you can have meaningful conversations with your MP during the week and ask them to take action.

Access the guide

Plan events for political impact

Community events during Great Big Green Week are a powerful way to show local politicians strong community interest in important issues. If you want to plan an event with political impact but don’t know where to start, our friends at Hope For The Future have put together a helpful guide to help you.

Access the guide

Need further support?

Hope for the Future is a climate charity which works to equip communities, groups and individuals across the country to communicate the urgency of climate change with their local politicians.

They offer training and resources to help you engage with your local politicians, which you can access if you need further support this Great Big Green Week

Access training and support here

Are you an MP looking to get involved?

If you’re an MP, visit our dedicated page for tailored information about how you can take part in the Great Big Green Week and support your constituents.

I’m an MP