Engaging your local politicians

The Great Big Green Week is an opportunity to show how much climate change and nature matter to people in the UK ahead of the General Election on 4th July.

Learn more about how to engage your parliamentary candidates as part of the Great Big Green Week this June!

Why engage your local politicians?

The General Election on 4th July, and the first months of the new parliament, will set the agenda for action in this critical decade for our country and the planet.

We need to ensure all our future key decision makers are well-informed about climate and nature issues, and aware that public support for action is both massive and mainstream.

Great Big Green Week 2024 is set to take place just a few weeks before the General Election. This means our events hold even more potential for engaging with parliamentary candidates.

If together we show broad and diverse support for action, we can secure commitments from political representatives bringing significant wins for people, climate and nature.

What are we calling for?

We’re calling on all political parties to commit to the action so desperately needed to tackle climate change, protect and restore nature, and support the hardest hit around the world.

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Invite your candidates

If you’re hosting an event or local Green Week in your community, make sure to invite your prospective parliamentary candidates!

Your events are a perfect opportunity to talk to decision makers about what communities are doing to tackle climate change and protect nature, why you care about these issues, and ask them to commit, if elected, to doing all in their power to ensure we meet climate and nature targets.

Look for your candidates and contact them using our customisable email template.

Invite your candidates

Ensure your Great Big Green Week event has political impact

Community events during Great Big Green Week are a powerful way to show local politicians strong community interest in important issues. If you want to know how you can engage your parliamentary candidates through your Great Big Green Week events, this guide will help you.

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Make an impact, keep it local

When you’re having conversations with your parliamentary candidates during Great Big Green Week, making those conversations as local as possible can be really powerful. 

The Local Intelligence Hub is a great tool to help you find out more about your constituency and local area.

You can use this tool to learn more about your constituency, which is a good place to start when finding topics to talk about with your political candidates. For instance, you could talk about community issues like high energy costs, the importance of creating environmentally friendly jobs in places with financial struggles, or even check data on the public support for climate policies in your area.

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Put up a poster

Put up a poster in your window this Great Big Green Week to show that you want to see action for people, climate and nature. 

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