Take Action

Attend an Event in Your Community

Join the wave of action sweeping across the nation this September! Attend an event in your community to show decision makers that your neighbourhood wants to see a cleaner, greener future. From a litter pick to a climate coffee morning, there is something for everyone.

Find an event

If you can’t find an event near you, there are lots of events taking place online that you can join from wherever you are! Find an online event here.

Share the film

From the mighty blue whale to the tiny tardigrade, there are so many things that we care about and don’t want to lose to climate change. Watch our new film to hear from some familiar faces about what they want the future to look like for their loved ones.

Inspire your friends, family and community to take part in the Great Big Green Week this year by sharing the film!

Watch and share the film

Letters to Tomorrow

As part of this year’s Great Big Green Week, we’re asking everyone to write Letters to Tomorrow.

Letters to Tomorrow explain your hopes for future generations if our leaders step up to protect the environment – and your fears about what life could be like if we don’t slow down climate change.

Write a letter today

Create a Window Display

Some of the UK’s best loved illustrators have lent their characters to the Great Big Green Week.

Download a poster, colour it in and put it in your window to show your neighbours that you care about climate action. Don’t forget to share it on social media using #GreatBigGreenWeek

Download a poster

Make Planet-Friendly Choices

Whatever actions we take to tackle the climate crisis, they all add up

Whether it’s thinking about what’s on your plate, or reducing your energy consumption, there are many ways you can take action right from the comfort of your own home! Use our pledge tool to choose as many or as few actions you want to take. You could even share this with friends and family to see what you can do together!

Take A Pledge For The Planet