Tree World
Can you avoid a climate crisis?

Primary School Resources

We are delighted to partner with Educational game company Busy Things to produce a host of new climate resources for primary school, including a brand new game: Tree World!

Best of all, it’s FREE for the entirety of the Great Big Green Week. The resources and game are a brilliant way to introduce children to the key issues around climate change and what we need to do change course.

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Great Big Green Week School Resources are here!

Secondary School Resources

Together with some wonderful experts and partners, including WWF, Oxfam and London Zoo, we’ve created a pack that allows students to host their own mini climate summits!

The pack contains a wealth of fact sheets, discussion cards and resources alongside a step-by-step facilitator guide to support a versatile mini climate summit activity. The summit will provide an opportunity for students to step into the shoes of both global leaders making critical decisions for our future, and impacted communities who urgently need global support.

Students will get to grips with a range of key global issues and hear varied local perspectives on climate change, and then collaborate on a plan of action for the world to achieve a positive future in balance with nature.

We’ve also created the COP26 School Action Pack, which includes a powerpoint giving a great overview of COP, as well as resources that guides students through personal reflections and discussions and apply their understanding of climate change to their own surroundings. The pack then offers students the opportunity express their thoughts and make a #PromiseTothePlanet on the change they want to see in their school, in their own lives and from our elected officials.

COP26: Our Climate, Our Future Summit Download

COP26 School Action Pack Download

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