Do you have a question about organising an event? Want to know more about how to get your MP involved in Great Big Green Week? Or have another question?

You’re not alone! Here you’ll find a list of frequently asked questions about anything Great Big Green Week related.

What can I do for Great Big Green Week?

The best place to start is to head to our resources page and take a read of our A-Z Ideas Guide and our Organisers Guide. This should give you some ideas of what you can do.

How can I add events to the website?

You can sign up to add your event here. Before you add an event, we have to approve your account – this can take a day or two so you may not be able to log in straight away.  If it has been longer than two days, please do send us an email at 

Watch our video on how to upload an event, and read through our website guide.

Once you’ve uploaded your event, we have to approve it so it might not be published on the website straight away. But, if you want to make any changes you can do that anytime by logging in and going to the event manager page.

Once it’s uploaded people will be able to find your event on our calendar.

What type of event should I add?

There are two event types: 

  • Local Event: a one-off event that is happening in your local area. This can be virtual or in person. It can also be the same event that repeats over a number of days.
  • Green Week: a collection of events in a single location by one or many groups/ people. Green Weeks can only be found on the website if there are events linked to them – these can be in person or virtual events.

All events, whether virtual or in person, need a location. This is because most events we see are linked to a series of local events or local issues. If you are hosting a virtual event you can either: 

  • Make the location local to you – this works well if your virtual event is linked to local issues or a local green week
  • List it as ‘UK’ if it’s not linked to a specific location

What is the difference between a Green Week and an event?

A Green Week is a collection of events and activities in one area. For example, there might be 15 events taking place in Hackney from 10th to18th June. These will all be added to the website as individual events, either virtual or in person. These events can all be linked to a local Green Week – for example, ‘Hackney Green Week’.

Organising a Green Week and organising an event entail different things. You can find out more about organising something for Great Big Green Week in our Organisers Guide on our resources page.

How can I receive updates on Great Big Green Week 2024?

You can sign up to get updates via email at You’ll get regular updates on training, resources, funding and general support from our Community Organiser, Jaz.

Should I get insurance for my events?

As an event organiser, you will have to take responsibility for the safety and welfare of those attending your event(s), including providing public liability insurance cover as appropriate. For some guidance on health and safety, insurance and more, check out parts two to seven in this helpful guide.

Do you have training to help me organise an event?

All upcoming and recordings from a number of previous sessions can be found on the training page here.

How can I connect with other event organisers?

Join the Great Big Green Community facebook group.

Come to a training session – in all our sessions there is a chance to ask questions and connect with other organisers.

Event listings on our events calendar  have contact information about the organiser – just search for events in your location to find other people organising events near you. 

How can I engage my MP with my events?

Hope for the Future has been working to equip communities, groups and individuals across the country to communicate the urgency of climate change with their local politicians for the last eight years.

At their training you can learn how to communicate the urgency of climate change to politicians and decision-makers during Great Big Green Week and beyond.

Sign up to Hope for the Future Training here.

You can also find  resources to help you discuss climate change with your MP, host an event with political impact, and invite your MP to your events on our resources page.

I’m organising an event in Wales or Scotland – is there extra support I can get?


Our sister organisation, Climate Cymru are supporting community groups in Wales. Do contact them for additional support about Welsh events via

For Welsh speakers, we have Welsh assets and copy available in our Communications Pack, available on our resources page.


For events in Scotland, take a look at our events calendar. If there are any groups you’d like to reach out to and find out more, you can find contact details on the event page itself.

To find out what’s happening in Scotland more broadly on climate and things you can get involved with, we’re encouraging you to reach out to our sister organisation, Stop Climate Chaos Scotland. Their email address is