Local Grants for the Great Big Green Week

If you’re on this page, it looks like you’re interested in organising an amazing green week or event in your town as part of the Great Big Green Week. Great! 

We have a local grants fund for those setting up local green weeks or exciting events as part of the Great Big Green Week in September. See below for application dates. 

What is the fund for? 

Our local grants aim to help organisers set up local Green Weeks in September which: 

  • Engage new groups, businesses and communities
  • Encourage network building between local groups and stakeholders beyond September
  • Win the support of local politicians and media outlets

The fund is mostly aimed at supporting local Green Weeks, or clusters of events, but we will consider applications for individual events that meet the above criteria.

What are we looking for? 

We are only able to receive applications that are linked to a registered organisation able to receive potential funding. It may well be possible to partner with another local organisation if you are not registered.

You do not need to meet all of these criteria to apply for funding, but we will give priority to applications that demonstrate: 

  • Broad reach: Applications from or including non traditional climate groups, or those with clear plans to engage partners outside the climate ‘bubble’ will be given priority. 
  • Scale: We’d love to see green weeks aiming for 30 or more local events, or events aiming for public engagement at a large scale. 
  • New activity: We’ll prioritise applications in areas that have no ongoing green week or related activity. We will consider plans to take existing events to a new level of profile and engagement 
  • Political impact: How will you ensure your local green week encourages commitment to action on climate change from your local MPs and councillors? 
  • Creativity and profile: How will you get the attention of your local community, media and politicians? 

How much should I apply for? 

Applicants are invited to apply for grants up to the amounts below. Depending on the number of applications, we may award less than the amount requested. 

  • Small grants for single events: £50-£500 
  • Grants for local green weeks or festivals: 
    • Suggested grant £2,000
    • Grants for festivals that fit all criteria, up to: £10,000

When should I apply? 

You are welcome to apply at any time. We will start considering applications from April 26th and on a rolling basis from then. We anticipate we will end applications around mid-June although this date will be reviewed closer to the time.

How to apply: 

Please apply using this form