Your involvement will put the ‘great’ in Great Big Green Week. So we’ve made a ton of resources to help you at every step of the way.

Whether you are interested in having a more effective conversation about climate change, or want to organise a local green week, we’ve got you covered.

Are you a Scottish based organisation? You can find tailored resources on the Climate Fringe Week website

Organising an Event

How to organise an event

What will make the Great Big Green Week so great is the range of events organised to celebrate the brilliant and unique work of communities, businesses and individuals across the country. Download our guide to find out more about how to organise an event in your local area.

Download the Organiser's guide

How to organise a local Green Week

You can connect with your local community and get the attention of local decision makers by hosting a Green Week in your town. A local Green Week can be anything from a few to a few hundred local events. Our guide has all the information you need to organise your own local Green Week.

Download the organiser's guide

Template risk assessment form

Use our template risk assessment form for your events.

Download the form

Photo Permission Form

If you are hosting an event where you will be taking pictures of clearly identifiable individuals such as portraits of individual speakers, performers, audience members posing for photos etc. you can use this template photo permission form in the document below.

Download the form

Bioregional’s 10 Principles of Sustainability

The Great Big Green Week is open for everyone and anyone to get involved – but of course, tackling climate change and environmental issues is at the heart of all the events and green weeks across the country. If you are wondering what could be included as a “green” event, or want to talk to your event attendees about sustainability, Bioregional has provided a helpful resource.

Download the guide

If you are stating publicly that you use the One Planet Living framework -you must also publish a plan on how you intend to use it as well as signing a licence agreement with Bio Regional

Engaging Your MP

Meet with your MP during the Great Big Green Week

If our government takes strong action now, it can set us on a cleaner, greener, fairer path to restore the UK’s natural environment, protect the world’s most vulnerable people and provide hundreds of thousands of new jobs across our communities. For our government to act with ambition on climate change, politicians need to hear that you want them to act.

We want as many MPs as possible to be meeting with constituents throughout the Great Big Green Week. Use our customisable template email to invite your MP to your event.

Click here to email your MP

Supporter Brief

During the Great Big Green Week, and ahead of COP26, we want to make sure you have what you need to make your voice heard. This supporter briefing will enable you to prepare for, and get the most out of, your meeting with your MP.

Download the brief

Alongside this brief, you can find more information on our asks to the government in the resource below.

Our asks explained

How to engage your MP

Talking to your MP doesn’t have to be scary. This guide from Hope For The Future breaks down how to engage with your MP as their constituent.

Download the guide

Climate Calculator

WWF have created a new Climate Calculator, to help you have discussions with your MP about local and national climate solutions.

Try out the calculator

Getting The Word Out

How to get others involved

Use our template email and newsletter copy to spread the word and get others involved in your event.

Download the template

How to get local media coverage about your event

Getting media coverage is a fantastic way to tell your story, boost local awareness and ensure that as many people as possible in your community hear about your event or local green week. It might sound daunting, but our guide makes it simple.

Download the guide to media coverage

Customisable promotional materials

We have a range of customisable posters, flyers and social media materials for you to use to promote your Great Big Green Week event. We are using a tool called Canva which will help you create high quality resources for free using the Great Big Green Week branding. 

Find out more and access our templates through the guide below.

Promotional Templates

You can also download our Great Big Green Week logo here, and The Climate Coalition logo here.

Event and Activity Ideas

Community ‘Greening’

Do you want to green up your local area during the Great Big Green Week? Here are some ideas.

Download the guide

How to get family and friends talking about climate change

One of the simplest ways you can take action on climate change is by starting a conversation with those around you. This might sound daunting but don’t worry, this resource from Climate Outreach will make it easier.

Explore tips from Climate Outreach

Host a film screening

WWF have put together a helpful guide on how to organise a screening of their film with David Attenborough, A Life On Our Planet. If you’d like to host a screening of this film and get your friends, family or whole community together to watch, download the guide to organising a film screening below. 

If you are hosting a screening of this film as part of the Great Big Green Week map, please add it here.

Download the toolkit here

Climate and Environment Film and Book Suggestions

This list is full of inspiration for anyone organising a climate film screening, or book club as part of the Great Big Green Week.

Download the list

Are you a school wanting to get involved in Great Big Green Week? Visit our schools page here

Are you a business wanting to get involved with Great Big Green Week? Visit our business page here.