Your involvement will put the ‘great’ in Great Big Green Week. So we’ll have a ton of resources to help you every step of the way. We’ll be updating this page in the coming months with lots of these resources, so keep an eye out!

Whether you are interested in having a more effective conversation about climate change, or want to organise a local green week, whatever you need you’ll be able to find it on this page.

Organising an Event

Organisers guide

You can connect with your local community and get the attention of local decision makers by hosting a Green Week or an event in your town. A local Green Week can be anything from a few to a few hundred local events. Our guide will have all the information you need to organise your own local Green Week or event. 


A-Z of Event Ideas

What will make the Great Big Green Week so great is the range of events organised to celebrate the brilliant and unique work of communities, businesses and individuals across the country. If you need help getting started, this guide will have plenty of ideas to inspire you!


Letters to Tomorrow: Guide for organisers

As part of this year’s Great Big Green Week, we’re asking everyone to write Letters to Tomorrow. Letters to Tomorrow explain peoples’ hopes for future generations if our leaders step up to protect the environment – and fears about what life could be like if we don’t slow down climate change.

This guide outlines how to write Letters to Tomorrow and how you can get involved during Great Big Green Week – either by incorporating letter writing into your existing plans, or by organising a dedicated event.


Engaging Your MP

The Power of Engaging your Local Politicians

Unlock the power of working with your local politicians during Great Big Green Week. Created by Hope For The Future, this guide will help you to engage with your local politicians and provides inspiration from successful climate and nature events held by groups across the UK.


Planning Events for Political Impact

Community events during Great Big Green Week are a powerful way to show local politicians strong community interest in important issues. If you want to plan an event with political impact but don’t know where to start, our friends at Hope For The Future have put together a helpful guide to help you.


Invite your MP to your Great Big Green Week events

Are you hosting an event or local Green Week in your community this September? Make sure to invite your MP!

Your events are a perfect opportunity to talk to decision makers about what communities are doing to tackle climate change and protect nature, why you care about these issues, and ask them to do their bit.

Email your MP using the customisable template below.



Please help us to continue to Great Big Green Week bigger, better and more inclusive by asking  particpants at your events to complete our survey and citizens social science questionnaire. 


Getting The Word Out

Branding and customisable promotional materials

We have a range of customisable posters, flyers and social media materials for you to use to promote your Great Big Green Week event. We are using a tool called Canva which will help you create high quality resources for free using the Great Big Green Week branding. You can also find the Great Big Green Week logos and branding guidelines in this resource.


If you need some support using Canva, see our guide with step by step instructions here, and a video guide here.

Content Capture

We’re gathering photos and videos of all your Great Big Green Week events from our event organisers.

Our Content Capture Cheat Sheet gives you all information you need on how send us your photos and videos.


How to get others involved

Local promotion will be essential to gather momentum, raise awareness and get a great turn out of people attending your Green Week. This guide will provide some top tips for promoting your local Green Week and events, and templates for inviting people to get involved.


How to get local media coverage about your event

Getting media coverage is a fantastic way to tell your story, boost local awareness and ensure that as many people as possible in your community hear about your event or local green week. It might sound daunting, but our guide makes it simple.


‘How To’ video guides

If you need help using the Great Big Green Week customisable promotion materials, or uploading your events to the website, you can find videos to guide you through each step here.

Video guide for uploading your events and Green Weeks to the website.

Video guide for using Canva to create promotional materials, such as posters and social media posts, for your events and Green Weeks.