Your involvement will put the ‘great’ in Great Big Green Week. So we’ll have a ton of resources to help you every step of the way.

Whether you are interested in having a more effective conversation about climate change, or want to organise a local green week, whatever you need you’ll be able to find it on this page.

Resources for Great Big Green Week 2024 are coming soon.

Organise an event

Here, you will find resources to help you organise your Great Big Green Week events, like our Organisers Guide, a guide to uploading your events to the website, and ideas for events you can host in your local area. 

A-Z of Event Ideas

What will make the Great Big Green Week so great is the range of events organised to celebrate the brilliant and unique work of communities, businesses and individuals across the country. If you’re already thinking about getting involved in 2024, this guide has plenty of ideas to inspire you!


Engage Your MP

Here you will find resources to help you get your MP involved in Great Big Green Week.

Follow up with your MP

Great Big Green Week highlights just how many people care and want to see action from the Government to create a cleaner, greener world – and we need to keep the pressure up.

If you organised a Great Big Green Week event, we’re asking you to set up a meeting with your MP to talk about your events, the importance of Great Big Green Week, and how your MP can take action on climate change.

In this resource you can find more information about setting up a meeting with your MP, what to discuss during your meeting, and top tips for talking to your MP about climate change.


The Power of Engaging your Local Politicians

Unlock the power of working with your local politicians during Great Big Green Week. Created by Hope For The Future, this guide will help you to engage with your local politicians and provides inspiration from successful climate and nature events held by groups across the UK.


Promotion and Media

Here you’ll find resources to help you spread the word about Great Big Green Week, including a range of branding and customisable materials like posters and social media assets, a guide on how to get local media coverage, a guide to help promote your events, and more!

‘How To’ video guides

If you need help using the Great Big Green Week customisable promotion materials, or uploading your events to the website, we’ll have a range of videos to guide you through each step here.

Video guide for uploading your events and Green Weeks to the website – coming soon.

Video guide for using Canva to create promotional materials, such as posters and social media posts, for your events and Green Weeks – coming soon.