Tuesday 11 June

Talk: The State of Nature and Us

The State of Nature and Us – a talk by Maggie Freegard at Wildlife Groundswell

In this 45 minute talk Maggie covers a wide range of issues facing wildlife today, as well as the many solutions for helping nature thrive. She provides a comprehensive range of helpful strategies and successful models that we, as individuals and communities, can employ to help meet the urgent needs of wildlife and bring positive change.
Maggie also talks about the organisations that have power to influence wildlife, both locally and nationwide: government, councils, non-government organisations. Passing bills, making and enforcing laws, creating protection designations on land, providing subsidies to farms, pollution reduction, investments in local nature recovery programs and education to name a few topics reviewed.
But what can be done to help wildlife? What can we do about it? The talk concluded with a helpful inventory of all the ways we can make positive changes for a better, natural, world for all.
After the talk, there will be an opportunity for us all to reflect and share ideas for what we can all do to help the wildlife on our doorsteps.
What have other people said after hearing the talk?
  • ‘I cut a hole in my garage wall to let the swallows in!’
  • ‘Even though I am out in the countryside every day, Maggie’s talk inspired me to take a closer look at everything around me.’
  • ‘I just enjoyed listening to a like-minded soul talking common sense.’
  • ‘All our little parts are a bonus. There is Hope.’
  • ‘I was happy to be part of a constructive and positive evening.’

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Tuesday 11 June

6:30 pm - 7:45 pm

Town Hall, Higher Market Street, Penryn, UK

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  • Free event
  • Disabled toilet
  • Toilets on site

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The Town Hall is the building with the clock tower sandwiched between the two one way streets. The nearest car parks are Saracen and Permarin. The nearest bus stop is outside Spar if coming from the Truro direction or the Seven Stars if coming from Falmouth direction.

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