How can an MP get involved in the Great Big Green Week?

The Great Big Green Week, taking place this year between 10th and 18th June, offers MPs a unique opportunity to work with the public for a healthier, greener, fairer and more prosperous future.

The Great Big Green Week shows how people everywhere are stepping up to do their bit to tackle climate change and protect nature – and it’s time for all politicians to do the same. 

This page outlines how you, as a Member of Parliament (MP), can get involved in this year’s Great Big Green Week and support your constituents. 

Take one of our MP actions

Science tells us that this is a make-or-break decade for the planet we live on. Time is short, and we’re running out of patience for more warm words. Instead, this must be a decade of delivery. The Government needs to step up, and, as an MP, you can work to keep people safe, the climate stable, and nature protected by: 

1. Help keep your constituents warm every winter by urging the Government to rapidly expand home retrofit schemes, support the swift deployment of homegrown renewables to speed up the net zero transition away from volatile fossil fuels, and provide further financial support to vulnerable households. You can show your support for this by signing the Warm This Winter MP Pledge.

2. Support the people hit hardest by floods, droughts and other climate disasters around the world by writing to the Prime Minister and asking him to increase and deliver the necessary mitigation and adaptation finance commitments, and ensure the Loss and Damage fund delivers for communities on the frontline of the climate crisis.

3. Work to strengthen and enforce the protection and restoration of our precious natural habitats including ensuring that their many benefits are available to everyone and delivery is properly resourced. You can take action to Save Our Wild Isles by becoming a parliamentary nature champion. 

4. Support local action and initiatives to help your constituents reduce emissions, protect and restore nature, and support local people in the transition away from fossil fuels. Support specific projects locally by taking part, lobbying for resources and championing these both locally and in Parliament.

You can find more information on each action and more ways to support Great Big Green Week in the full briefing.

Read the full briefing

More ways to get involved

Meet Your Constituents: Organise a meeting with constituents who contact you about Great Big Green Week. We know your inboxes are constantly full, so if you need to know which of your constituents are seeking a meeting we can help you. 

Local Events: Take part in local events to support Great Big Green Week. Get in touch with us to find out which events are planned in your area, or take a look at our event finder

Share your support on social media: If you’ve taken one of the actions above, make sure to share it on social media! You can also share if you’re attending an event in your community – remember to use the hashtag #GreatBigGreenWeek. You can find suggested posts in this document