Let's swap together for good

Get inspired by some of the ways people and communities are making swaps every day to help create a better tomorrow. 

Across the country, people are making swaps every day to help create a better tomorrow. This Great Big Green Week, let’s swap together for good 💚 

From neighbours swapping skills in repair cafes or allotments, to businesses swapping fossil fuels for solar panels, to friends swapping fast fashion for second hand finds – every swap adds up to make a big difference. Together, we will show that it’s time for politicians to step up and play their part. 

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Scroll down this page for inspiration on some of the swaps people and communities are making.

School swaps

Aneeshwar's school is swapping fossil fuels for solar panels

Pete’s story

We swapped a long-abandoned, litter-strewn nature reserve into a thriving home for nature.

“Five years ago, people didn’t even want to walk their dogs here. A group of volunteers got together and decided to clean the place up – in six weeks we cleared 85 bags full of rubbish.

“Vernatt’s Nature Reserve now has a daffodil walk, new trees have been planted and there is a carpet of hundreds of bluebells and snowdrops. Bug hotels and more than 60 bird boxes have been installed, with local firms donating materials and seeds. 

“It’s thanks to the dedicated volunteers and our love of nature that we’ve achieved a beautiful green space that local people can enjoy.”

Pete Boekestyn, Project Organiser, Vernatt’s Nature Reserve

Vernatt’s Nature Reserve, shown before and after the land was swapped to being a thriving home for nature.

Image credit: Vernatt’s Nature Reserve on Facebook

"During Great Big Green Week 2023, we organised a demonstration of vegan cookery by a local chef - Jacek, of Plantarium Café. The event was for people who might have recently swapped to a plant-based diet, to give them support and inspiration for at-home recipes. We watched Jacek prepare a full menu and some of us helped in the kitchen, before sitting down to taste the dishes. Afterwards, the recipes were sent out via email. It was a great event for those who were new to plant-based cooking, but we also had lots of attendees who had been plant-based for a long time, which helped as it meant everyone could swap tips. We're looking forward to planning more swaps events for Great Big Green Week 2024!"

Janet and Michelle, Net Zero Stratford, Great Big Green Week event organisers

Plan your own event

If you’re thinking of organising a swaps event in your community this Great Big Green Week, we have plenty of resources to help you with every step.

Our A-Z of ideas has inspiration for all types of events you could run – from clothes or book swaps, to skill swaps in allotments or upcycling workshops, to knowledge swaps on discussion panels or wildlife reserves.

Take a look at our resources to get planning your swaps event!

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