Let's swap together for good

Take action as part of the Great Big Green Week by sharing your swaps! 


This Great Big Green Week, we’re collecting your swaps to show how people everywhere are already making changes every day to help create a safer, greener future – now it’s time for politicians to step up and play their part.

Tell us what you’ve swapped (with your community, family or as an individual), and help us show to politicians why it’s time for them to step up and commit to urgent action to tackle climate change, protect nature and support the hardest hit around the world.

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How do I share my swap?

There are two ways you can share your swap. Tell your story on social media and post using the hashtag #SwapTogether – or, you can add your swap directly onto this page by filling in the form below.

If you’re sharing on social media, you could record a video or simply write a post and share it with some photos! Just make sure to share using the hashtag #SwapTogether.

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Get inspired

Take a look at the swaps people, communities and organisations are making to help inspire you to share your own story.

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Add your swap to our wall by sharing your story on social media using the hashtag #SwapTogether, or by filling in this form.

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What counts as a swap?

Your swap can be any action you’ve taken towards tackling climate change or protecting nature.

Perhaps you swapped driving to work for cycling? Maybe you and your family swapped screen time for more time spent in nature? Or have you saved energy in your home by swapping to a heat pump or LED lightbulbs?

These could be swaps you’ve made together with others in your community, your family, or as an individual.

Share your swap

Why should I share a swap?

Great Big Green Week is all about showing how people everywhere are doing their bit. People in every corner of the country come together at community events, in schools, and in workplaces – and by sharing your swaps on this page, you’re taking part in this wave of support for action to protect the planet.

We’re collecting your swaps so we can take them to politicians and show them that people everywhere care about climate change and nature loss. We’ll present a collection of peoples swaps stories to all political parties this summer to show that it’s time for all politicians to follow suit and commit to ambitious action ahead of the UK general election.